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Current Members

Current members are the oxygen of the Hosen Lab's research. Thanks for your efforts!


Taufiqul Islam

MS student (2020–21)

Taufiiqul started as an undergrad student at the Hosen lab and continued for his Master's. He is interested in the molecular etiology of autism spectrum disorders in Bangladesh. Taufiqul's favorite pastime activity is playing acoustic guitar and ukulele.


Shanjida Akter

MS student (2020–21)

Shanjida did her undergrad project with the Hosen Lab and continued as a Master's student. Her work focuses on the identification of rare mutations in the HBB gene responsible for thalassemias among Bangladeshis.


Kaji Tarmeem Noor

Undergrad student (2020–21)

Kaji has joined the Hosen Lab from August 2020. He will start contributing to our cystic fibrosis project. He hopes to develop skills as a researcher and contribute to the translational medical science in the future. He is a functional MUN activist.


Yusha Araf

Undergrad student (2020–21)

Yusha joined the Hosen Lab in August 2020. His primary focus of research is on the clinical and epidemiological manifestations of COVID-19 in Bangladesh. He wants to pursue a biotech entrepreneurship career.

Lab Members: Our Team

Past Members

We wholeheartedly thank the past members of
the Hosen Lab for their contribution to our growth

Lab Members: Image

Yasir Arafat

Undergrad student (2015–16)

Yasir worked on the genetic impacts of consanguineous marriage in Bangladesh. He is currently pursuing a graduate position at the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.


Tamanna Kabir

MS thesis student (2016–18)

Tamanna studied the effects of As and Pb on embryonic development of zebra fish. She also worked on the development of a screening program for thalassemias.


Jannatul Naima

Undergrad student (2016–17)

Jannatul worked on the bioinformatic analysis of proteins related to PXE and PXE-like diseases. She now holds a graduate position at the University of Ulsan, South Korea.


Jennifer Qaiyum Ami

MS thesis student (2017–18)

Co-advised by Dr. Dinesh Mondal (ICDDR,B) Jennifer developed a novel diagnostic method for Visceral Leishmaniasis. Currently, she works as a Research Officer at the ICDDR,B.


Nusrat Jahan Toma

MS thesis student (2017–19)

Nusrat studied the effects of lead in early embryonic development of zebra fish (BSc). She also worked on the role of SLC2A10 variants on peripheral arterial diseases (MS).


Mosarof Hossen

Undergrad student (2018–19)

Mosarof's undergraduate project focused on the in vitro pathogenic evaluation and molecular identification of Meloidogyne incognita, the root-knot nematode of rice.


Jarin Taslem Mourosi

Undergrad student (2018–19)

Jarin worked on several projects (e.g., consanguinity, chikungunya, and autism). She currently holds a graduate position in Biology (Cellular and Microbial Biology) at the Catholic University of America, USA.


Sabrina Sharmin

MS thesis student (2019–20)

Sabrina worked on the genetic epidemiology of Diabetes in Bangladesh (MS) and on two cases of progeria (BSc). Besides, she is a passionate singer. She is now pursuing her graduate schooling at Wesleyan University, USA.


Rahatul Islam

MS thesis student (2019–20)

Rahatul worked on the epidemiology and vaccinomic development of Dengue in Bangladesh. He loves playing guitar; he is known for his incendiary live performances among the students of SUST and other schools.

Lab Members: Our Team

Additional Members

The Hosen Lab is fortunate to have a strong group of associate/additional members whose contribution further strengthened our expertise.

Sourav Chakraborty, MSc

2015 - 2017

Current position: Scientific officer, Globe Biotech Ltd.

Mahmudul Hasan, MSc

2015 - 2016

Current position: Assistant professor, Sylhet Agricultural University

Ruhshan Ahmed, BSc

2015 - 2017

Current position: Software engineer, bKash Ltd.

Saeed Anwar, BSc

2015 - 2019

Current position: GRA, University of Alberta

Niloy Kumar Das, MSc

2016 - 2018

Current position: QA executive, Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Tithi Roy, MSc

2017 - 2018

Current position: GRA, University of Louisiana Monroe

Abu Hasnat Mustafa, MSc

2017 - 2018

Current position: GRA, University of Malaysia Pahang

Shrabony Akter Eva, MSc

2017 - 2019

Current position: Not available

Prattay Dey, BSc

2017 - 2018

Current position: GRA, Mississippi State University

Arpita Deb, BSc

2017 - 2018

Current position: Mississippi State University

Nafisa Nawaar, BSc

2017 - 2018

Current position: MS student, North South University

Elme Tabassum, BSc

2017 - 2018

Current position: MSc student, Universität Hamburg

Md. Sorwer Alam Parvez, BSc

2018 - 2020

Current position: Not available

Tohura Tahsin

2018 - to date

Current position: Undergrad student, SUST

All additional/associate members (past and current) are welcome to provide updated information.

Please contact with Dr. Hosen to update your information in the website. 

Lab Members: Clients
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