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Current opportunities at the Hosen Lab

Positions available

The Hosen Lab always welcomes applications for undergraduate, graduate (MS, M.Phil, PhD) and post-doc positions. Our approach is to assemble a strong and diverse team that works in an open intellectual environment with the common goal of realizing meaningful advances in our studies. Every researcher’s opinion is solicited and valued at our lab!

Undergrads of the department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, please follow the instruction of the departmental office or contact directly with Dr. Mohammad Jakir Hosen. Students coming from other departments of SUST or other universities, please communicate with your departmental office and contact directly with Dr. Hosen. Please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of undergrads (between 1 and 2) in our lab each year.

Interested graduate and post-doctoral applicants should send (i) a cover letter briefly describing their past experience and future research interest/plan, (ii) a detailed curriculum vitae, and (iii) contact information of at least two references to Dr. Mohammad Jakir Hosen, either by post-mail or at Applicants from diverse backgrounds are appreciated. Note that, we welcome between 1 and 4 new graduate students each academic year.

We value integrity, critical thinking and curiosity in a vibrant, inclusive and fun environment. Our goal is to establish and maintain a dynamic working environment where trainees of all backgrounds and levels of expertise can flourish with ease. The highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment provides unique career development opportunities for the trainees. All applicants should have good spoken and written communication skills in English. An ideal candidate will also have a track record of thinking and working independently, and will perform best in a collaborative environment.

Open Positions: Open Positions
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